What is Deep Packet Inspection and How it works?

In this passage we want to know about What is Deep Packet Inspection and How it works?  Deep packet inspection (DPI) is an advanced method of packet filtering that functions at the Application layer of the open system interconnection or OSI. is a technique that has seen success in traffic. It’s inspect every packet data’ when it passes a firewall. The packet analyze carefully for virus and identify spam and protocol..Also Deep content inspection needs heavier processing than more header inspection.

It increase the ability of firewall. it operates at the l3-7 application layer of the open system interconnection reference model. Usually firewall on your computer read only the labels. Deep pack inspection opening beyond the labels data of the (OSI). Layer 7 is the application that include the real massage the inspection stripe of headers can recognize the program that used. It fulfil the packet resolution happens in a time that desist and delay in data traffic.

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