Disadvantages of over sharing on social media

Some people have bad habits on social media that it’s not good for their security one of this bad habits is over sharing  on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Here are some Disadvantages of over sharing on social media:

Disadvantages of over sharing on social media

Thieves like over sharing

Share a picture that you are on vacation. A thief realize that you are not at home and he rob your house because the thief, pretty sure  that you are not at home. Some people restricted their privacy setting their Facebook and they thin nobody see their post except their friends on Facebook. But it’s not completely true,  Because maybe one of your friends check her Facebook on public library. Or someone still your friend’s cell phone.

Lawyers like over sharing

Lawyers can use your post on social media  against you in a court of low. Our post in social media often reflect our moods. And never post on social media when you are angry or drunk.

There is no guarantee for your  post to disappear when you delete your post. It can be in a screen shot or in email notification.

Employers don’t like over sharing

When your employers see that you post on Facebook when you supposed to be at work your employers can use it against you. Some employers check your profiles before hiring you to see what your personality is?



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