Does a VPN make you anonymous?

What is an anonymous VPN? Does a VPN make you anonymous? That would be a virtual private network that does everything it can to keep you anonymous online. If you only need an anonymous VPN to protect you from snoopers who are trying to find out what you are doing online, then yes, your online identity will be totally secure.

But if you want to be completely invisible online, you need more than just an anonymous VPN service.

With or without a VPN, it’s very difficult to be 100% anonymous online. There are many ways to reveal your identity and location without even knowing it – you might be doing it right now.

Does a 100% anonymous VPN really exist?

What does online anonymity mean to you? Do you only want to keep your browsing private or do you need complete anonymity because you’re fighting for freedom of speech? You know that an anonymous VPN protects your privacy, but are you revealing your identity even when your VPN is on?

Have you purchased books, clothes, electronics, or anything else online?
That’s quite a lot of personal information we provide for just one online purchase. And that’s aside from leaving a trace with our IP addresses wherever we go online!

All the data that you put out on the internet is stored somewhere. It’s more likely than not that your data has been collected and used without your knowledge – perhaps it’s for research purposes, maybe marketing, or something shadier, like hacking or surveillance.

anonymous VPN

The difference between paid and free

Without a VPN

With a VPN

  • Your real IP is logged wherever you go

  • The data isn’t encrypted

  • Your real IP reveals your real location

  • The VPN server’s IP is logged wherever you go

  • Your data is encrypted

  • The VPN server’s IP reveals the VPN server’s location

  • With a VPN, you protect your data. Some incredibly important components play a part in ensuring no information goes past the encrypted VPN tunnel.

Can you be tracked if you’re using a VPN?

There are many factors that come into play with this question, but for most intents and purposes, no, you can’t be tracked if you’re using a VPN. Of course, some caveats may apply, especially if you’ve been compromised by hackers!

With obfuscation, your VPN traffic looks like regular internet traffic to your internet service provider and the websites you visit. It benefits you by bypassing VPN blockers and shielding you from excessive ISP snooping.

Top online anonymity threats

1. Wi-Fi networks

Whoever owns the Wi-Fi network you connect to has a great deal of power over your internet connection, including the ability to monitor what you do. Plus, on unsecured public networks, there are ways for other participants to see what other people are doing as well.

2. Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Because your ISP processes all of your traffic, they have extraordinary access to everything you do online. In most countries, they are given broad rights to profit from their internet data or to share it with government surveillance agencies.

3. Government surveillance

The anonymity a VPN provides against government surveillance will depend largely on the surveillance methods your government uses. The tools a government would have at its disposal far exceed the scope of protection a VPN provides. As far as just your internet connection is concerned, however, a VPN can go a long way to keep you private.

4. Websites

Websites need your IP so they can send you their content. Unless you’re using a VPN, that IP will be your real IP address, revealing your location and potentially other information about you. Even with a VPN, the websites can see the operating system and the browser you use, the plugins you have installed, your CPU, and even whether you are currently logged into any social media platforms. Do you trust every website you visit with that information?

A VPN won’t stop you from collecting cookies – only your browser can do that. However, with a VPN, you can prevent websites and their cookies from discovering your real IP address.

5. Social media platforms

Social media platforms make money from ads, so it’s in their best interest to get as much information about you as possible. From your email address and the pages you liked to the friends you interacted with the most and what your face looks like – they know it all.

You’re not protecting your privacy if you keep your social media profiles public or openly share sensitive information. If you forget to disable your location settings, social media giants and everyone else can see where in the world you are every time you post anything online.

6. Payment providers

Your credit card and digital payment platforms also leave a trail and can be personally identifiable. Most financial systems require this level of identification, so maintaining anonymity without using cryptocurrency or cash is difficult. This is why privacy-focused companies like Saturnvpn now accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Is SaturnVPN an anonymous VPN service?

yes. While it’s practically impossible to grant absolute anonymity online, SaturnVPN does everything it can to provide fast and reliable security and privacy. We have an industry-leading list of powerful features to help you stay anonymous, but even so, you’ll need to take other precautions to stay anonymous.

Here are just a few of the features that help SaturnVPN keep your information as private as possible

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🛡 Kill switch.

Yes, Your IP shouldn’t leak even if your VPN connection drops.

💰 Cryptocurrency payments.

Anonymous payments take you one step closer to total anonymity.

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