Download L2TP VPN connection for windows

First download L2tp vpn connection for windows from the link below

  1. Unzip it (Right click on file–>extract all –> extract)
  2. Run L2TP-Connection.pbk
  3. Choose a VPN server from the drop-down list, USA, UK, DE, NL
  4. Click on “Properties” button
  5. Go on security tab and follow the instruction below
    • In “Type of VPN” select “Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with Ipsec(L2tp/Ipsec)
    • Select “Advanced settings” button, checked “use preshared kay for authentication”,enter 90807060 in the text box then click “Ok”.
    • In data encryption choose “Optional encryption (connect even if no encryption)”
    • In Allow these Protocols part:Uncheck all the protocols and check “Challenge HandShake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)” then click “Ok”
  6. Click on “Connect”.
  7. Enter your username and password
  8. Click on “Connect”
Notice: When you change the server make sure that you do all the above steps

download l2tp vpn connection for windowsl2tp vpn for windows

You will be connected to the L2TP server you already selected.

If the selected server doesn’t work for you ,try with another servers (Choose server from the drop-down list).

how to disconnect vpn connection

To disconnect the VPN, Double click on the VPN connection again and click on “Hang Up”.

If  this protocol doesn’t work for you at all Or you experience slow connectivity , You should try other protocols :

  • PPTP VPN service
  • OpenVPN
  • Cisco VPN
  • Kerio VPN

You can visit VPN setup tutorial too.

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