Download NapsternetV VPN for iOS

NapsternetV is a V2ray and Psiphon VPN client tool to browse the internet privately, and securely and circumvent internet censorship.

It supports V2ray protocols like vless, vmess, shadowsocks, trojan, and socks.

Download and Setup NapsternetV VPN for iOS

First of all, you need to buy a VPN subscription from SaturnVPN and have an access key, and copied it.


1) Download and install the ‎NapsternetV app for your iOS device from Google App Store:

2) In the NapsternetV app, navigate to the “Configs” tab.

3) Choose the “+” icon from the top right

4) Choose “Import config from Clipboard“.

5) Then choose “V2ray config uri“.

6) A card will be added to your app.

7) You will touch it first to change this card’s color from gray to blue.

8) Now navigate to the “Home” tab and touch the connect button from the bottom right to get connected with the server you added.

9) For the first time you may see a confirmation message. So touch “OK“.

Congratulations! You are now connected to SaturnVPN NapsternetV.

If you’d like to disconnect on an iOS device, Simply touch the “X“ icon.

NapsternetV is recommended application for using the V2Ray servers of SatuenVPN on iOS Devices. If you have an Android device, You may want to try the v2rayNG application instead.