VPN Errors

Error 691 has gotten for one of these reasons

  • The username or password is incorrect
  • The account has expired , To see if your account is expired or not , Check this out http://acc.saturnvpn.com
  • The account is already in use on 2 devices


Category: VPN Errors

You receive error 741 when you try to establish a VPN connection by using L2TP/IPsec from a Windows client computer to a VPN server .Go over the tutorial again and edit the vpn setting, The security setting for the connection you created is not compatible with SaturnVPN, So follow the instruction carefully, visit VPN setup tutorial for L2TP setup guide .

Category: VPN Errors

Error 800 happen when , Unable to establish the VPN connection. The VPN server may be unreachable, or security parameters may not be configured properly for this connection. Follow the instruction to resolved the problem.

  • Change the server , you can see VPN servers list here
  • If you use PPTP VPN try another protocols like L2TP VPN
  • turn off the firewall and try again
Category: VPN Errors

Error 806 and 807 happen when a connection between your computer and the VPN server has been established but the VPN connection cannot be completed.It must be from your internet provider, You must try L2TP protocol.If you still have problem, Then you need to try OpenVPN.

Category: VPN Errors

Error 868 is a Windows error that means that your computer cannot connect to our server.Usually, this is down to a local configuration problem, either the VPN is setup incorrectly, or something is blocking the connection (usually your security software, firewall or router). ensure you are trying to connect to the correct server, please can you re-enter the servername in the VPN settings.

Category: VPN Errors

Error 747 happen when the setting of PPTP and L2TP connection has problem .go to “properties” of PPTP and L2TP connection then go to “security” tab , In Allow these Protocols part: Uncheck all the protocols and check “Challenge HandShake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)” then click “Ok”.

Category: VPN Errors

To resolve error 789 , go to “properties” of L2TP connection then go to “security” tab , select “Advanced settings” button, checked “use preshared kay for authentication” ,enter 90807060 in the text box then click “Ok”.

Category: VPN Errors

If you get error 930 in PPTP and L2TP VPN connection, contact us and tell us about your problem.

Category: VPN Errors

Error 619 – “A connection to the remote computer could not be established.”

1. If you have two or more VPN connections set up on your computer, ensure that only one is running and disconnect all other ones.

2. Check for any firewall and antivirus programs that may stop access to the VPN ports. Temporarily disable them to determine if they are the cause.

3. Try standard troubleshooting steps:

Reboot the computer
Delete and re-configure the VPN set up
Test the VPN on another computer/device on the same network. If it does not work, your network is stopping the VPN access.
Test the VPN on another network using the same device. If it does not work, your device has security software stopping the VPN access.

Category: VPN Errors

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