How to Buy a VPN with Bitcoin!

Best Way to Stay fully Anonymous

without anyone knowing, Try an anonymous option!
DNS and IP leak protection
Never Keeps Any Logs Of Users

How to Buy VPN with Bitcoin

Let’s say you have decided to pay for your VPN with Bitcoin. The first step to that is to choose a VPN Company that accepts Bitcoins as a payment method. Well, it’s your lucky day. SaturnVPN is one of the first companies that started accepting Bitcoin and we’re planning to add more cryptocurrencies to the list soon. So if you want to buy a VPN with Bitcoin, you’re in the right place.

Since the whole process of purchasing your VPN with BTC is similar to the process of buying a VPN subscription from our website, I suggest you read the “How to Buy a VPN” guide in case you wanted more information.

Why use cryptocurrency to buy a VPN?

Bitcoin is known for its anonymity and its transactions being non-traceable. There are many reasons that people tend to buy vpn with bitcoin subscriptions and going anonymous is one of the top reasons.

But paying for your VPN with credit cards or your PayPal account might expose your identity at some point. So, if going anonymous is your priority and you want to buy a VPN subscription with Bitcoin to completely go anonymous, I suggest you continue reading this article.

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There are 3 easy steps to buy a VPN with Bitcoin!

1- Login to your Bitcoin Wallet or Create one
2- Choose your desired VPN package
3- Send Bitcoins to SaturnVPN wallet to complete your purchase

 let’s just review what you need to know and what you need to do to complete your purchase via Bitcoin on SaturnVPN

  • you need a Bitcoin Wallet

It’s not easy to find a person who hasn’t heard of Bitcoin, especially in 2021. Bitcoin is a form of Digital Currency that first came into existence back in 2009. It was founded by a person or group of people called “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Like the Identity behind Bitcoin transactions, the identity of this Satoshi Nakamoto is still a mystery. If you don’t know much about Bitcoin, I suggest you do research about What is Bitcoin before trying to buy a VPN account with this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Wallet addresses are just like bank accounts. In fact, Your Bitcoins will be stored in your Bitcoin Wallet and you can send them to other accounts using that wallet. Read “Introduction to the Bitcoin Wallet” If you want to know more about different types of Bitcoin wallets.

You should choose the best wallet option that suits you; regardless of what you want to do with your Bitcoins. You want to store them as an investment, Buy a VPN with your Bitcoins or just start trading and make a profit, the choice is yours.

  • Choose a VPN Package to buy with Bitcoin

Now that you know your way around Bitcoin, it’s time to choose the VPN package. SaturnVPN suggests various VPN packages that give you from 1 month up to 36 months of access. Just review the packages and choose the one you like better.

On the Check out page, choose Bitcoin as your desired payment method and click “Pay With Bitcoin”.

  •  Pay with Bitcoin

Now it’s time to transfer the Bitcoins to our wallet. At this stage, you’ll be provided with the exact amount of Bitcoins you need to send to our Bitcoin Wallet to complete your purchase. Also, the BTC address is written down for you so you can copy and paste it.


Please note that, due to Bitcoin price volatility, You have 30 minutes to confirm your BTC transaction to buy VPN with Bitcoin.

Is SaturnVPN an anonymous VPN service?

yes. While it’s practically impossible to grant absolute anonymity online, SaturnVPN does everything it can to provide fast and reliable security and privacy. We have an industry-leading list of powerful features to help you stay anonymous, but even so, you’ll need to take other precautions to stay anonymous.

Buy a VPN with bitcoin!