How to Buy a VPN with Perfect Money!

There are some countries where PayPal and Credit Cards are not popular or are even forbidden. Or simply some customers don’t like to use PayPal or Credit Cards. So we want to show you How to Buy a VPN with Perfect Money


We added the Perfect Money payment method to the SaturnVPN Checkout page, So you can simply order VPN online on SaturnVPN and buy VPN with Perfect Money.

You will receive your VPN account username and password right after you make the payment by Perfect Money and Your account is ready to use.

How to buy VPN with perfect money

1- To order a new account please visit SaturnVPN packages.

2- Continue to the Checkout page, then choose the “Perfect Money” gateway and click the “PROCEED TO PERFECT MONEY” button.

3- Now you will automatically redirect to the Perfect Money website to complete the payment. Your VPN account credentials will be sent to your email instantly after the payment is complete.


After a successful payment

You will instantly receive an email with this subject ([SaturnVPN Accounting]: Your VPN Account Credentials) including the username and password (check both inbox and spam box). Enjoy your VPN!

If you have any questions or problems

Buy a VPN with Perfect Money!