Sometimes Windows updates make crazy and will cause some issues. So you maybe want to uninstall them. We will learn you how to uninstall Microsoft Windows 10 updates.

For example, Microsoft recently released their October 2019 Patch Tuesday updates, but “KB4517389” or “KB4524570” update will cause the Cisco AnyConnect VPN to stop working. If you are in trouble with this, simply uninstall these updates.

the KB number may be different and you need to uninstall all recently installed updates if the Cisco AnyConnect is not working.

First, open Settings and click on “Update & security”.

Then click on “Windows Update” on the left and then on “View update history”.

How to uninstall Microsoft Windows 10 updates

On the next screen, click on “Uninstall updates”.

Find “Uninstall updates” at the top of the window.

How to uninstall Microsoft Windows 10 updates

You will then be presented with a screen showing a list of recent updates sorted by the installation date. You are able to search through all of the updates using the search box at the top right, so if you have the KB number of the update that is giving you the issue, you can search for that to find it quickly.

How to uninstall Microsoft Windows 10 updates

You can then select the update you want to uninstall and simply click the “Uninstall” button.

Note: You don’t need to uninstall “Feature Update” or “Security Update” as they don’t make a problem. Just uninstall recently installed “Update for Microsoft Windows” updates.

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