Step 1

Download OpenVPN for Android

First download OpenVPN to setup OpenVPN on Android

Open “Google Play Store” and search for “openvpn”. you can directly go to this page to download from Google Play Store.

You can download and install the OpenVPN APK file with this link if you don’t have access to Google Play Store.


Install the official version of OpenVPN.


Step 2

Download OpenVPN config file for Android

Now you need to Download OpenVPN config file from this link.

Open the OpenVPN configuration zip file that you just downloaded, select all items and Extract them.


Now go back to the VPN application and continue with step 3.

Step 3

Setup OpenVPN on Android

Run OpenVPN software on your Android device.


Touch “OVPN Profile” to connect with a “.opvn” file.


Allow OpenVPN Connect to access your device by choosing the “Allow” option.


Locate to the folder where you extract the OpenVPN configuration zip file there, choose a profile, and touch the “IMPORT” button on the top right corner.


Now you need to enter your VPN Username and Password and touch the “ADD” button on the top right corner.


Step 4

Connect to OpenVPN on Android

Now you will see a list of server profiles and add more by touching the “+” button. then you just need to touch a profile to connect to the server.


For the first time, you need to touch “OK” when the connection request windows appear.


Congratulations! you are just connected now.


If you wish to disconnect, just touch the profile again. for the first time, you need to check the “Don’t show again” option and touch the “OK” button.


You are disconnected now.

If you have any problem to connect OpenVPN on Android device, visit related pages:

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