Step 1

Download OpenVPN for Android

First download OpenVPN to setup OpenVPN on android

Download OpenVPN for Android version 4 or above

Download OpenVPN for Android under version 4

Step 2

Download OpenVPN config file for Android

Unzip the OpenVPN configuration file that you just downloaded.

Transfer ( saturnvpn-CA-TCP.ovpn, saturnvpn-UK-TCP.ovpn , …)  to your android device. (Not the zipped file)

Step 3

Setup OpenVPN on Android

Run OpenVPN software on your android device.Touch menu on your android device, then touch “Import”.

Download OpenVPN for Android

Now touch “Import profile from SD card“.

How to setup OpenVPN on Android

Find the OpenVPN configuration file ( saturnvpn-CA-TCP.ovpn, saturnvpn-UK-TCP.ovpn, saturnvpn-DE-TCP.ovpn …)  That you just transferred to your device and select it.

Download OpenVPN config file for Android

Touch menu on your android device then touch “Add proxy”.

Setup OpenVPN on Android

  • “Proxy Hostname or IP address” :
    • For Germany server Enter:
    • For USA3 Server Enter:
    • For USA2 Server Enter:
    • For USA1 Server Enter:
    • For Canada Server Enter:
    • For UK Server Enter: