Setup OpenVPN on iPhone, iPad

Download OpenVPN for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Step 1

To setup OpenVPN on iPhone, iPad, First Download OpenVPN from Apple Store.

In the Apple Store go to the search section and type “OpenVPN Connect”. or download from this page on the Apple Store.

Download OpenVPN for iPhone , iPad , iPod Touch

Now download and install “OpenVPN Connect”.

During the installation, you need to enter Apple ID and Password.

Please wait until the installation is complete.

How to setup OpenVPN on iPhone , iPad , iPod Touch

Step 2

Download OpenVPN config file for iOS

Unzip the configuration file that you just downloaded.

Transfer unzip filed from the extracted folder (saturnvpn-UK2-UDP.ovpn, saturnvpn-US2-UDP, …) to your device by email.

Open your mailbox in the iOS device, touch the attachment files and select “Open in OpenVPN”.

Setup OpenVPN on iPhone iPad

Touch  “+”  under the “New OpenVPN profiles are available for import”.

Download OpenVPN config file for iPhone , iPad

Step 3

Connect to OpenVPN on iOS

To connect OpenVPN on your iOS device, select “OpenVPN”.

setup OpenVPN on iPhone iPad

Now enter your SaturnVPN account username and password and switch save “ON”.

Switch the button “ON”, under “Disconnected”.

How to setup OpenVPN on iPhone

If you get this message, touch “Yes”.

connected to OpenVPN on iPhone , iPad.

Now you are connected to OpenVPN on iOS.

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