Refund Policy

SaturnVPN provides low-price VPN service with a 7 full-day length for everyone who likes to test it before purchasing. We are getting the lowest prices compared with the other VPN provider companies. But still, we are offering refund money to take the risk of purchasing zero for customers.

Please read the refund terms carefully before starting to purchase an account and send your requests only if it meets the following terms.


We Do offering money back with the following terms:

1- We offer a full refund with the following terms in the first 30 days from the purchase time. If you send a refund request after this period, We don’t process it.

2- Customers will send refund requests from the ticketing system on this page, otherwise, it won’t process. We don’t process reply emails about refunding. so if you reply to order emails and other emails from us, we will not process them.

3- Refund requests will be processed with the sales department on Monday-Friday 9 AM to 4 PM Central European Standard Time.

4- It can take up to 7 days after the cancellation of your subscription to receive your refund depending on the payment form used. If you don’t get your money back after 7 days, please inform us by replying to the sent ticket.


We Do Not offer a refund in the following cases:

1- We are offering a 7 full-day low-price package to test the services before purchasing. So we don’t refund if it’s complicated for you to setup or you can not set it up on your device after purchase. in this case, you can contact our support team for more help via the ticketing system, live chat, or sending an email to the [email protected] address. Also, make sure to test the SaturnVPN service first on other operating systems or devices (like iPhone/Android) before going for a paid subscription.

2- Points redeemed discounts are bounty credits and can not be refunded.

3- Unused Top-up account funds can not be refunded. You should buy a VPN service first.

4- All required pieces of information are clearly available on the website. So we don’t refund for reasons like VPN server locations, and provided Protocols.

5- The service is provided “as-is”. We cannot guarantee that our service unblocks certain sites. The fact that you are not able to access a site using SaturnVPN cannot be a reason for a refund request. You can test our service before purchasing a long-time-period package.

6- We do not refund for speed issues because we have a low-price testing account for all our paid servers where you can test speed over any VPN server.

7- If SaturnVPN terminates your account due to a breach of the Terms of Service agreement, in which case you are not eligible for any refund.

8- Automatically PayPal subscription payments will be refunded back to your PayPal account.

9- If you write a false and contrary-to-reality review for SaturnVPN. And don’t contact our support to follow up and solve your problem before writing a negative review.

10- At our discretion, if we think you intend to use our service for malicious purposes (for example spamming, network attacks, etc…), we can terminate your account without offering any refund.

11- Payments made by Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and Webmoney cannot be refunded because of money laundering policies.

12- We don’t offer any refund, if you request it immediately after purchase, or without using the service and activating the account at all, to prevent money laundering.

13- We don’t refund the 7-day package as it’s a trial-based testing package.

14- Refund requests for accounts that were purchased before 7 days, cannot be processed because of money laundering policies.

If you are having technical difficulties please ticket our support team before claiming a refund as they will be happy to solve any problems. 99% of the problems can be solved without the need for a refund.