Is it safe to store our data on the Internet?

When you store your data online you will reduce the burden of your hard disk, there are lot’s of online storage sites in a world , but you need choose the one, on which you can trust. Choose reliable source to avoid any risk. in this article we want to see that Is it safe to store our data on the Internet?

Is it safe to store our data on the Internet

When we keep data private called encrypt data.

When you transfer data from your computer and when it stored on the server. It’s private all the time.

There are services that have additional security. That need decrypt the data. Read our article about What are advantages of cloud computing?

What are disadvantages of store data on the internet?

nothing in this world doesn’t have disadvantage. But the only problem with this services is that if you forget your password, you can’t access your data. And nobody can help you.  You need to keep your username and  password safe to protect your data as if someone knows or even guess your password and username, it may result in loss of data.  Although encreption dosen’t mean that no one can’t steal your data, But since the hackers don’t have your password to decrypt the data. It’s completely safe.

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