Security mistake that could put you in a harm’s way

Now days lots of people use internet but it could be dangerous for them because they can make a mistake to kill their security by giving information to wrong person. Hera are some Security mistake that could put you in a harm’s way:

Security mistake
Security icon design

Giving information about your location

When you give information about when you are also you give information about where you are not too. And it could be dangerous, because thieves can rob your house when they realize that you are not home. Read our article about : Why we shouldn’t share our location on social media? 

Giving personal information

When you give personal information online like social security number, thieves can abuse this information against you.

Social media

When you post something on social media you allow to public to see your personal information.

You should go to privacy setting of your social media and make it privacy. Read our article about disadvantages of over sharing on social media.

Post your status when you are on vacation

When you put your photo on Instagram, While you are on vacation. You tell people that you are not at home. And thieve can rub your house easily on that time. Read our article about Why we shouldn’t post on social media when we are on vacation?

Your auto reply message

your auto reply message disclose your  personal information. It could be dangerous for you.

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