Step 1

Setup PPTP VPN Android

Go to the “Settings” on an Android device, to set up a PPTP VPN on Android.

setup pptp vpn android

Under the “Settings” tab touch on “More networks”.

setup pptp vpn on android

On the next window touch “VPN”.

how to setup pptp vpn on android

Touch “+” to add a new VPN network.

pptp vpn android

  • In “Name” text box write “SaturnVPN”.
  • In “Type” choose your VPN connection type “PPTP”.
  • In the “Server Address” put one of these Server Addresses. List of PPTP servers
  • Remove the check mark from “PPP encryption (MPPE)” and touch “Save”.

configure pptp vpn on android

Step 2

Connect to PPTP VPN Android

In this screen, touch on “SaturnVPN PPTP VPN”.

connect to pptp vpn android

  • Put SaturnVPN username in “Username” textbox
  • Put SaturnVPN password in “Password” textbox.
  • Check “Save account information”.
  • Touch “Connect”.

(if you haven’t purchased the account yet, you can use the test account to test our services click here).

connect to pptp vpn on android

You are now connected to PPTP VPN on Android device.

To disconnect PPTP VPN on an Android device, Touch SaturnVPN then Touch “Disconnect”.

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