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How to watch Netflix and other streaming services with SaturnVPN

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Sign up for SaturnVPN and its blazing-fast service.

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Connect to one of our 100+ global VPN servers optimized for speed.

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Let SaturnVPN connect you to the ultimate world of hobby.

Streaming Worldwide

Best VPN for streaming movies and other media

Watch your favorite shows without any connection slowdown and buffer.

Do you need a VPN for streaming?

Watch the movie you like from any network. SaturnVPN will protect your online communications from unwanted snoopers, including your ISP, and will give you a fast connection when streaming or downloading media content. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Use SaturnVPN on every device

We cover whatever devices we could test in our labratories in Saturn. It means that when you buy a VPN subscription from SaturnVPN, you can guarantee your everyday digital life’s safety with SaturnVPN connection. And it works on every firmware known on the planet earth.

Note: We can also offer you some services for when you’re travelling  to outer space. our cutting edge technology covers the whole galaxy.

Entertainment and music streaming

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How to get a VPN

It’s easy to get started with SaturnVPN, which has everything you should look for in a VPN service. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be able to unblock websites and services in no time.

  1. Purchase a SaturnVPN account.
  2. Follow the instructions, which we’ll send to you by email once you’ve purchased your subscription.
  3. Connect to the server location of your choice.
  4. Enjoy fast access to TV shows, movies, music, websites, and more!

Why SaturnVPN

Stay Secure with SaturnVPN

In the modern Internet landscape, staying secure online is imperative. Why? Due to dangers lurking in the cybersphere. With SaturnVPN you can mask your IP address which makes hackers, surveillance agencies, and ISP impervious to your online activities. Meaning, your privacy is yours alone.

Encryption with SaturnVPN

VPN encryption is a process that makes the data going between your device and the VPN server unreadable to anyone else. It does so by using sophisticated math to turn information into ciphertext.

Fast 24/7 Support

If you ever need help troubleshooting matters when using SaturnVPN, diligent Customer Support is always present to assist you via Ticketing System, on Email, and also always ready Live Chat.

Choose Your VPN Package

Buy VPN with Perfect Money, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Credit Card, and PayPal

All packages include a 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service. Buy VPN today.

1 Month Plan




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Plus 1 Galaxy VPN Location
No Activity & Connection Logs
100% Anonymous VPN
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Try the service for a week
Iran & China Featured VPN
Plus 1 Galaxy VPN Location
Access Normal Package Features
No Activity & Connection Logs
100% Anonymous VPN
Money Back Guarantee

100% Risk-Free

Not sure about buying VPN subscription from us? Don’t overthink, try SaturnVPN and if you’re not satisfied with our service, request a refund during the first 30 days and get your money back. No strings attached!


We offer a 1-day VPN free trial account. You just need to fill out this form and ask for a 1-day trial account.

We support 5 common VPN protocols including PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, Cisco AnyConnect, and Kerio VPN. Depends on the country you are living in or your network limitations, there is a possibility that some protocols are blocked by your internet provider. You may experience slow speed also. As an example, in China, most clients can’t connect through the PPTP and L2TP. They must use OpenVPN, Kerio VPN, or Cisco AnyConnect. You should try all protocols to see which one works better for you. Check the Setup Guide page.

We are one of the few VPNs which provides VPN services since 2013 with no security issues, data breach, or negative review. You can read more about the privacy policy here.