VPN Deals 2020

SaturnVPN is here again with the best VPN deals for Christmas 2020 finally with offering up to 85% real discount. You have this chance to get the best VPN discounts for the new year 2020 from SaturnVPN as a result.
During this deal, you can buy a VPN account with less than one dollar for each month while the 3 Years (36 months) plan will cost $0.83 for each month only. This deal has extended until January 20.

The Best VPN Deals for Christmas 2020
The Best VPN Deals for Christmas 2020

Buy the Best VPN Deals for Christmas 2020

You can start grabbing these VPN deals from December 16 to January 20 and pick up your favorite VPN package before this offer expire.

Take a look at this summary of plan and prices during the festival also:

  • 3 Years VPN will be $29.99 so $0.83 for each month
  • 2 Years VPN will be $27.99 so $1.16 for each month
  • 12 months VPN will be $25.99 so $2.16 for each month
  • 6 months VPN will be $18.99 so $3.16 for each month
  • 3 months VPN will be $13.99 so $4.66 for each month
  • 1 month VPN will be $4.99 so $4.99 for each month

Here are the full VPN package lists and You can buy from this list:

General VPN Terms

All VPN plans also allowed to use all servers and protocols including:

Acceptable payment methods are:

Delivery and activation rules:

  • Instant delivery via email just after making payment
  • Activating from the first connection, but not the purchasing time
  • There are no hidden or extra fees certainly
  • Allow with using on 3 devices at the same time

If you already have an account:

If you already have an account, You can still take advantage of this offer while SaturnVPN accounts will be activated after the first time you connect to a server, Not from the time you purchase.
simply order a new account and use it later when your current account expires.
Or you can email us and ask us to add the new account’s credit to the rest of your current account also.
So make sure you don’t miss this best VPN deal 2020 anymore.

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