VPN Setup Tutorial

You can connect to SaturnVPN servers through 5 protocols including PPTP, L2TP, Cisco AnyConnect VPN, OpenVPN, and Kerio VPN.

Depending on the country you are living in or the network you are using, there is a possibility that some protocols are blocked by your internet provider. Sometimes you may experience slow connection, Or your connection disconnects after a few minutes. In such cases, We’re here to help with lots and lots of protocols and servers provided for you! So, Don’t panic and contact us in such situations, we’ve got a solution for everyone. Or we make you a personalized solution right away 😉

A VPN for Every Device

Choose your OS and let’s go!

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In Saturn, we work round the clock to make sure your VPN is working flawlessly

Kill Switch

With the Saturnian Kill switch, stay safe if you’re disconnected from you VPN

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No strings attached! start using SatrunVPN and get your money back if you’re not satisfied

No Logging

We don’t keep data anywhere. So your data is safe with us when we don’t have any!