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United States



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IP Address:

Country Name: United States

Country Code: US

Region: VA

City: Ashburn

Latitude: 39.0438

Longitude: -77.4874

Time Zone: America/New_York

ISP: Amazon.com

Country Flag:


Internet Protocol Address or IP address Is a unique address assigned to each device (computer, smartphone,…) to communicate with another via the Internet. IP address makes difference between billions of devices in the world that are connected to the internet. An IP address consists of 4 decimal numbers and each number ranged from 0 to 255 that separate with a dot.

A public IP address is an address that is assigned to all your local network devices to allow direct access over the Internet. A public IP address is globally unique, and can only be assigned to a unique device.

A private IP address is an address that is allocated to every device on a local network when they want to communicate with the router and other devices.

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