Secure your identity

You must protect yourself

with a trustworthy VPN

Secure your identity

You must protect yourself with a trustworthy VPN

Why SaturnVPN

Because We’re from Saturn

Seriously, Why not SaturnVPN? When you get the best value for the money you are paying and SaturnVPN provides a secure environment for everyday internet activity, at least you should consider using its service once.

We don’ want to brag (Actually we do, since it’s considered a good behavior on Saturn), But once you establish a SaturnVPN connection, all of your online traffic (web browsing, video streaming, messaging, file-sharing) passes through our encrypted tunnels constructed on our planet. It means no one from your tiny planet called earth, could reach them and there’s no use for them on Saturn too.

The Security with features, brought to you from Above and Beyond

Kill Switch

Offering Useful Kill Switch and Always-on VPN Feature

Different Payment Methods

Accepting PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and Webmoney

All Protcols Supported

All Major Protocols Are Supported: (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, Cisco, Kerio)

SaturnVPN Support

We are here to help you all day, every day.
Whenever you need some help with the SaturnVPN service, you can find it on the Support page.

We offer three main ways to get the answers you are looking for: Ticketing System, Email Support, and Live Chat.

If you want to get help right away, come chat with us. You’ll be redirected to one of our agents.

Each of our customer support specialists has deep knowledge of the SaturnVPN service. They’re passionate about understanding users’ issues and helping them, so you will always receive top-quality service.

We’re always online here on our Live Chat. Send us a message if you need help right away.

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Out Ticketing system is a great way to contact us. You always have a record of your last support inquiries.

Choose the plan that works for you

We offer competitive VPN prices for our customers on earth

1 Month


Billed $5.99 Every Month.
30-day money-back guarantee.

36 Months


Billed $215.64 $39.99 Every 36 Months.
30-day money-back guarantee.

12 Months


Billed $71.88 $29.99 Every 12 Month.
30-day money-back guarantee.

The Top VPN Uses

No-logs policy

We keep no information


Fast VPN Servers

Experience the Speed of Light

Dedicated streaming

Stream without Pause

Stop GeoTargeting in Its Tracks

Did you know your location can reveal valuable details about you? Geo-targeting is when your physical location is determined and used by internet marketers to serve you content and ads that are relevant to where you’re located.

When you’re on the web without a VPN, online advertisers, social media platforms, and other third parties can gather personal data: IP address, ISP, organization, zip code, state or region, city, and country. Once they have that information, they’ll use IP targeting to serve you content based on your location.

So what’s the solution?!

By using SaturnVPN, however, you can conceal your real IP address behind an anonymous IP address. This way, online marketers, search engines, and websites are all in the dark when it comes to your authentic personal information. Avoid location identification, annoying ads, and unwanted marketing just by simply connecting to one of our secure servers. Stop geo-targeting with the help of IPVanish and browse the web with comprehensive location privacy.

We have Saturnian ways to keep you satisfied in SaturnVPN

We don’t expect you to trust us blindly, and we like to let our VPN speak for itself. Enjoy our free (really free with no strings attached) VPN for a whole day. Buy your subscription if it was not too fast and secure for your taste.

Bypass Censorship

Break free from wrongful censorship and safely access an open internet wherever you are.

Some nations have strict internet access laws for citizens, while many institutions unfairly regulate legitimate employee and student Wi-Fi use. Why subject yourself to these restrictions when there’s a truly World Wide Web waiting for you?

Stop online censorship with the help of SaturnVPN.

Explore more vpn uses

DNS and IP leak protection

Ultimate protection

Up to 5 Devices

Connect 5 Devices at the same time

100+ Dedicated Servers

Different servers to choose from

Use Public Wi-Fi

When you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you become a prime target for hackers who are using the same network. Without the use of a public Wi-Fi VPN, anything you access while connected to a hotspot, such as shared files, financial records, personal messages, and more could easily fall into the wrong hands.

By using SaturnVPN, all of your online traffic is channeled through an encrypted tunnel, ultimately shielding you from any form of hacking or spying on public Wi-Fi. If someone attempts to hack you while you’re connected to SaturnVPN, all they’ll see is the encrypted data instead of your private information within it. Browse online using public Wi-Fi with complete peace of mind knowing your activity is secure and private.

All you need from a truly complete VPN solution

24/7 live Customer Support service

Wi-Fi protection

Never Keeps Any Logs of Users